Same Same™ - Book by Taps & Moses - Video Preview

Same Same™ – Book by Taps & Moses – Video Preview

April 19, 2014
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Same Same™ – Book by Taps & Moses – Video Preview

MOSES & TAPS™ are without a doubt two of the most active and creative writers on earth. Although their avant-garde works often leave traditional paths there is always a clear reference to graffiti. Their debut book INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER™ became one of the most read graffiti books worldwide and the number of sold copies has meanwhile reached a five-digit number. With that work they demonstrated the spectrum of their artistic ability as well as they presented an essential work of reference.

SAME SAME™ is the title of a photobook which focuses on MOSES & TAPS™ throw ups and their surroundings.

“As to form graffiti is redundant due to a repetitive personal style. As to content graffiti is redundant due to a repeating name. Therefore, the most exciting moment – the symbiosis of graffiti and its surrounding – can only be achieved if the individuality of the painted steps in the background,” TM™ explain the idea behind their project.

Thus, SAME SAME™ is not supposed to continue INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER™ but it is to solve the dilemma between ‘perfect piece’ and ‘perfect photograph’.

Again MOSES & TAPS™ take the viewer on their probably never-ending journeys travelling the continents: tunnels in Berlin, the Trans-Siberian Railway, or NATO military training areas; blue and yellow Easter eggs do not only travel the world on thousands of freight cars any longer.

SAME SAME™ is not a mass product but a collector’s item. That is why it is strictly limited to only 500 copies. All copies are serially numbered and the title will be stenciled on each hardcover by MOSES & TAPS™ – every copy will be unique. The book won’t be available in shops. The worldwide release will be on Easter Monday, 21st April, 10:00 a.m. CEST. It will be sold exclusively only.

500 copies, numbered; hardcover (handmade); 15cm x 21cm; 154 pages (150g/m², 100% recycled paper); offset print (printed and bound in the EU); introduction: English / German; Price €35.

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